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Keyword Selection for your Photographs

Once you have selected your best shots and uploaded them to the website, you need to make sure that they are seen by as many people as possible. This means entering the right keywords for each photo. Make sure you list all possible keywords that are applicable. Don't put irrelevant keywords, it won't help you sell any more pictures and it will just make the searchers' job more difficult, but make sure your photo appears in every relevant search. I found this quite difficult at first but, after a while, it gets easier. Have a look at similar images to yours and see what keywords they are using.

Have a go at selling some of your pictures, what have you got to lose? Have a look at the Shutterstock website.

Semi Pros (Event Photography)

The 'stock photography' model is a very useful one but basically it's just sitting around waiting for someone to buy your pictures and there's not much you can do if they don't.

Although there are a great many fantastic photographers in the world, how many of them live in your street or even in your town? As you get better at photography you will find people start asking you to photograph all kinds of local events, sports events, festivals, shows, plays, exhibitions, parties or even weddings and sell copies to the participants. People ask me to photograph all sorts of events but in the past I have usually said no. The reason I declined is because, although I enjoy the photography, I hate all the paperwork and business hassle of ordering prints and getting the money in (I won't tell you the number of times I've ended up with a batch of prints nobody wants to pay for), then collecting and delivering the finished work only to find the lab have printed the wrong size.

I have now rethought my stance on this as I have discovered a new website called These guys, as well as selling your snaps as stock photography, give you your own e-commerce enabled website. All you need to do is upload your pictures to your folder, give the potential customers the address (which you can set up in advance so you can hand out cards at the event), then sit back and wait for the money to roll in. They have a vast range of print sizes that people can order, they can buy downloads, posters, mugs, T-shirts and just about anything you can print a photo on. You decide what markup you want, either globally or on each item, and they do the rest.

Of course they don't do all this out of the kindness of their hearts, they want to make some money too, there is a subscription to be paid but the good news is there is a 30 day free trial period so you can see if it is going to be worth your while and you can do enough business to justify the fee. I reckon if I do one event every month or six weeks I'll be laughing all the way to the bank and the 'stock photo' side of the business is just an extra bonus.

Sell event photos online

Although I'm not a great fan of the subscription model on the internet, I think that, in this instance, it helps to keep the quality of the site to a 'usable' level, buyers will soon get fed up if they have to wade through lots of poor quality pictures. Also it means that you get to keep a bigger percentage of your sales than would otherwise be possible.

If you want to make some cash out of photography this could be a great way to do it. People will always pay for a good picture of themselves or their children at some special event.

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